About Ralph Flynn Web Services

When I first started out designing websites, my aim was to build a website for my own use, this soon turned into something more. I built a few basic sites and experimented with different things, wanting to understand what was going on I enrolled in a webdesign collage course. I completed the course and came away with a qualification in Dreamweaver web design and a greater knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes. With this new qualification under my belt I embarked on designing my first real website, now long gone this site included information and images for the visitors, and not being happy with just text and images I used my knowledge to build my next site this time it was a shop for selling large items like cars, boats and this site used a data base for the data to be loaded on for the array of images, text and videos to be recalled when the page for the particular item was being viewed. That’s the basics and back then this was the most update way, Now days things have gone from strength to strength and makes the old ways look very basic but without those early days we would not have the systems available today and yes we do still use the basic computer language in one form or another.

My journey from the beginning has been long but now I feel I have enough knowledge and expertise to design web sites for you and with the help of some colleagues we can offer a much better and complete service.